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Home Grown Home spun photography project

We hope to then display our prototype pair of indigo linen jeans and raise awareness of the need to reshore and regenerate our previously world-renowned textile industry – only this time on more equitable terms using renewable energy.
At a time when humanity is facing the devastating effects of climate change and loss of biodiversity, regenerative fashion initiatives like this can offer much needed hope. Everyone who wears clothing must now choose whether it comes from imported, non-renewable, fossilised carbon e.g. the ubiquitous polyester – or locally grown, renewable carbon, from plants like flax. One option pollutes throughout the entirety of its lifespan, the other has the potential to reverse climate change.
Fashion is an investment in the system that produced it, but so often our purchases support poor quality, exploitation and pollution, all cleverly concealed by an expensive advertising campaign. The team holding this healthier vision for the future of fashion recognise that changing the old paradigm may take time, experimentation, trial and no doubt error, but they also know that nothing will feel better next to the skin than clothing that has regenerated a local ecology and economy.

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